Friday, June 15, 2012

It's hot! and other rantings..

It's burning hot outside these days. The monsoons have not arrived yet so it's still a dry heat but it's so intense that for me even 5 minutes under this sun and I feel like I'm on fire. This heat also zaps all of my energy most days and often leaves me with a massive headache. It's no fun, no fun at all! So, I am so excited to be going to the USA this summer. In a little less than 2 weeks from now my daughter and I will be hop-ing on some planes and land once again on US soil.  I'm already starting to get nervous about it! It seems everywhere I look people are having tough experiences with the TSA and luggage allowances are being cut. I remember last time I flew I was 'lucky' enough to get an enhanced pat-down and I am praying that I don't have that happen again or far worse have to see Anaiah go through that.  But I'm also not comfortable with those full body scanners.. radiation.. cancer.. naked pictures being viewed of my body.. no thanks! Where is this world coming to!!??

Anyway, in an effort to be fully prepared to keep my 3 year old happy and entertained I am trying to gather up little toys and idea for in flight entertainment. Have any great toy ideas to share I'd love to hear them. I've been working on gathering travel themed coloring pages that I am personalizing a bit and will make into a coloring book. I've also found a cool crayon that is like 6 crayons only all attached into 1 'wheel'  sort of thing which does not roll away. I've bought a sticker/activity book, and a new lift the flap book. I'm also hoping to buy some big beads and shoes laces and maybe a few craft type projects and of course some more little toys.

On the sewing front I did manage to make a neck pillow out of comfy soft flannel for Anaiah. I hope she'll like it.

Still have a huge list of things to-do, gifts to buy and essentials to pick up. But the big question is do I bring some knitting with me on the plane or not?

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  1. Aww.. your pillow looks super cute!! I bet she will love this~


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