Sunday, November 11, 2012

An early resolution.

I am not usually the kind of person who makes New Years resolutions but this year I am making one and making it early. I want to knit away some of my stash yarn. I want to make hats for those who may need them this winter from my stash yarn and I will not buy anymore yarn for myself till I've done so.  I'm kinda of disgusted right now with the amount of yarn I have, I know I have more than I need and I feel like it's time (past time really) to give something back on the yarn/knitting front.  

I've finished one hat already that will probably be going to a little boy named Lucky. He is the youngest son of the presswallas who do their work near our apartment. They have 4 children and I hope to make them all hats! 

Please join in if you feel like you have more stash than you need and you see a need around you. In India where I live the need is everywhere in the winter time. In fact you probably don't even need to go out to find it because while sitting in traffic these child will come right up to your window!  Plus it's a win-win! They get a hat that has been made with love and compassion and you get more space for new yarn! ;)  

Happy knitting! 


  1. That is a adorable hat. Also Happy Diwali!

  2. Wonderful idea. I have been trying to knit from stash instead of buying new. I know I have too much. Over 73,000 yards to be exact. I have it all laid out in a spread sheet, anal I am. But it is good to see what I have available to use and if I have enough for the pattern I want to make. I have been on a hat making kick too lately. Just got asked to make one for a new born, so off I go to find the right yarn.

  3. Is this your own pattern? I love it.


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