Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's a hoot!

The weather has finally taken a dip here in Delhi which is great. I enjoy the break from the hot weather even if it's only a short one.  I've been trying to clear out some of Anaiah's old clothes and filling her drawers with her winter wear. How I wish I could turn back the clock a little and see her in some of the cute dresses she wore as a baby, she is growing up way too fast!  As it's getting cold, I like to have layers for her to wear now. I picked up some very basic and cheap camisoles or vests as they are called here. They were such a boring plain white that I decided they needed a little extra something! Freezer paper to the rescue! 

I brought some freezer back back with me from the US this summer for just such an occasion. If you have never done any freezer paper stenciling, you don't know what you are missing. It's pretty easy and fun and turns out super cute! There are probably a million and one tutorials out there for this so I am not the first one to explain the simple process. 

I found a cute owl design here, it's really a pumpkin stencil but works great for this also. You could certainly draw something yourself too! 

Just draw/trace your design onto the dull side of the freezer paper and cut out the part that you want to have painted onto you fabric.  An craft knife would work great for this but I couldn't find mine so I just very carefully used my scissors. 

I loved this simple owl. Isn't he cute? 

Once you've cut it out iron the freezer paper onto your fabric. (for best results pre-wash your fabric)

Make sure the paper has fully adhered to your fabric. 

I used Faber - Castell fabric paints because that is what I had on hand. Anaiah picked out this color. Please refer to your paint for drying times. Most fabric paints require you to set the paint by gently ironing on the back side after the paint is dry. 

Before painting.. place a sheet of paper under the layer of fabric that you are going to paint. This prevents the paint from seeping through to the backside if it's a little runny. 

Paint! I painted 2 cotes, letting the paint dry in between them. Do as many as you like. 

After the last cote was dry to the touch I very gentle peeled off the freezer paper and there he was in all his owly cuteness! My paint requires it to dry fully for 24 hours before ironing on the back and 72 hours before washing it so that is what I'll do. 

Simple. Fun. and Cute! My kind of project. 

There are so many possibilities with freezer paper stenciling. You could add several colors, customized initials.. you are only limited by your own imagination!  


  1. hello, Kristianna! I found your blog through Ravelry and very glad of it! I am Russian, living in India, as I'm married to an Indian. Are you also? As your daughter's name seem to be Indian :)
    Take care and I'm glad to get a new friend. Anna

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