Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thanks MOM!

I love my mom. She does not read me blog but I still wanted to post a Thank you to her. I received a package from her today containing lovely things. There was my favorite brand of Taco Seasoning, some quick pasta sauce mixes which are perfect for when I am not feeling so great and need a quick meal, and lots of fruit rolls ups for my daughter. Things that we cannot get here or that we pay an arm and a leg for if we do find them.

<<< Anaiah's silly face and wearing new shirt daddy bought her. :)

However the best part of the package was the shoes for Anaiah! It's hard for me to find cute and yet practical shoes fer her here. Lots of the shoes they make locally I find a little uncomfortable for little ones or they have ugly cartoon characters on them. So unless you are willing to pay a lot it's very hard to get decent simple shoes. Anaiah also has big feet for a child her age.. at least it seems that way to me. I told me mom about the trouble I was having finding shoes that fit her. She has grown out of her size 8 shoes that we got in March. (They were also from Grandma Ellie) So today I got these:

Anaiah LOVES them! She instantly was drawn to the crocs' style ones.  I love that they are a little big on her so that she'll hopefully enjoy them for a long time to come.  I love the brown ones! They are cute and comfy and easy to put on, a real plus for a kid learning to put on her own shoes! 

Thank you mom! You make me feel spoiled! 

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