Wednesday, September 14, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday!

I am doing something very unlike me.. I am juggling a few crochet/knitting projects at the same time. Usually I like to focus all my energy on one things till it's finished and then start a new thing. However this month I'm working on lots of things.

A scarf for my brother John. I hope he likes it. I've never crocheted for him before and he's a young guy. I love how this pattern reminds me a little of hounds tooth. I think he will like the colors. The pattern is called the Subway Scarf by Vickie Howell

Also on the hook, a plum colored cropped cardigan for Anaiah. I just started this today and expect to finish it quickly. It's a simple and cute pattern that I was given and couldn't wait to get started on!  No pictures yet.. sorry. It's the same yarn I made the Small Talk shawl out of.

On some needles, another scarf... sadly I as of right now do not have enough yarn to finish it. Hopefully I can get some more. I don't have a huge stash of yarn but somehow I did think I had more than I actually do have of this yarn but the pattern is so lovely I hate to rip it all out. I'm also a VERY slow knitter so that's hours of work for nothing if I frog it.
The pattern is Three Sisters scarves #2 by Monika Steinbauer

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  1. the three sisters scarf is soo nice.Lovely colourway that suits the pattern very well.I am a slow knitter too.

  2. Love the knitted scarf, both the colors and the pattern. Fingers crossed that you're able to match the yarn. If not...can you find a solid the blends with it and put the coordinating solid in the middle and make the ends these pretty variegated?

  3. I love the crocheted scarf! Even though it's unbearable to frog things, I wonder if you frogged the knitted scarf and knit it narrower (it looks like you're doing 4 repeats - so maybe do 3 or even 2?) if you'd have enough yarn that way? or you could just have a really short scarf with buttons that could act like a cowl! I think that'd be beautiful =)

  4. I, too, like to focus my attention, but alas, things come up :) I think that grey/black scarf is lovely! I might have to check out the pattern!

  5. The subway scarf is so cool. I love that color combination. Perfect for a young guy. I hope that you can find more yarn for the pretty knitted scarf. I like Erin's suggestion of maybe turning it into a cowl.


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