Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flower Maiden

I put the finishing touches on this dress this week.  I'm fairly happy about the fit. It's still a little generous around the waist but it's not too bad. I am realizing that my daughter really has not grown much since last year, at least not in her chest measurements. She certainly is taller! 
It was fun to add all the colors of tulle to the built-in petticoat. I didn't want to add too much puffiness so it's not a tiered petticoat, just the last few inches are gathered tulle. 
I think she looks like a dainty little lady in this dress so I've called it the Flower Maiden dress.  I think this will be her Easter dress this year. 

In order to get the pictures I had to bribe her with gems. (they are like M&Ms) She loves them but gets them all over her face. Thankfully not all over the dress! 

I think for my next dress for Anaiah I should challenge myself do make something more 'Modern' looking because I tend to make slightly 'old fashioned' looking dresses for her.  But then again, I like the 'old fashioned' look on her.  We'll see. I've signed up for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge, (see my side bar) held towards the end of April and maybe I'll try something more 'modern' for that. 

Are you joining the Challenge?

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