Monday, April 8, 2013

First day of school.

Today was a big day in our home. It was my daughter's first day of Kindergarten/prep I. (there are 2 years of kindergarten here.) It's still feels a little odd to be sending her for her first day in April, but that is how it goes here in New Delhi. We all got up early which was the greatest challenge to me because I am NOT a morning person.  Anaiah however got up and was in a good mood, ready to start her new adventure.  She enjoyed putting on her new school uniform and even didn't complain about having to wear socks and shoes in this heat. She LOVES her new sippy cup that has a cord for carrying. Her new uniform proved to be a little too big even though they had measured her for it; we'll have to get a smaller size.  She didn't even mind mommy taking her picture! She really is growing up fast. 

Funny girl. 

She had no problems being dropped off at school. No tears, not worries not even a bye bye mommy.. That's my adventurous little lady! So proud of her! I had told her the night before that there might be 'little kids' who would be crying and asking for their mommies and told her that she should be a helper and tell those kids that everything would be ok and their mommies would come to get them later. She can be a really sensitive girl when she sees other kids crying so I hoped that telling her to be a helper/comforter would keep her from getting weird-ed out with all the chaos. I think it worked because there were plenty of crying little kids. 

When I went to pick her up there again was a bit a chaos, as is expected, on the first day of school. Most of the parents crowded the door and the steps to collect their children.  I just waited not wanting to stand in the crowd. However the sun, and the lack of organization meant that the 10-15 minutes I waited have resulted in a sunburn. :(   Tomorrow I'm finding some shade!  Anaiah said she had a good day and was very talkative on the way out. I asked her if she wanted to go again tomorrow and she seems very positive about it. I hope she continues to enjoy it and has a chance to really make some friends at this school. 

It is however tough to see her growing up so fast. Where did my baby go? 


  1. That's sweet ! Congrats to your daughter! :)
    Exactly the same I told my daughter. She started nursery at the age of 2.5 years and for 2 months she enjoyed the school when other kids were crying. She started crying after two months when others stopped :) but she was fine in one month again. Best wishes and blessings to your daughter for her new journey of life:)
    Wear a cap/ full sleeves and carry an umbrella ...we can't risk our health as we have to be fit first to take care of kids.

  2. Hi! So nice to see your daughter made a step towards education :) Though I know it is a little sad to see children grow so fast. It was good to tell her to help other children in case they cry. All the best for your daughter's new ventures!


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