Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ready, Set..

It's starting tomorrow, that fun bi-annual week of sewing that is Kids Clothes Week. This year they have dropped the Challenge off the end of the title but it still remains a challenge to me. Spending a little time everyday sewing is fun and I do hope that I'll be able to be productive too.  Anaiah does not actually need any more clothes but I still love sewing them for her.  I'm hoping to challenge myself to sewing clothes for myself as I really need some summer skirts, but that can wait till after this week.  

My fabrics are ready to go. Here is what I intend to use but I might not limit it to this stack.. you never know where inspiration may lead. 

I've also done a few sketches. Never been someone who does well with other peoples' patterns and somehow I enjoy the process of going from an idea in my head or an inspiration from fabric to a sketch and then working out the pattern to fit Anaiah from there. Not that little girls' clothes are usually all that complex anyway, or that I do really complicated things.  I just like to do it myself.  Here are some sketches of mine that will hopefully find there way into dresses this week:

So I am all set to get started, except of course that I just noticed that I'm low of white thread! Hopefully I can get to the shop today so that I can be all ready to get going tomorrow.  Maybe some buttons too.. Interfacing! Ok, I better write a list..

Do you sew for your little ones? Are you joining in the KCW

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