Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween Party!

So what do you do when your little girl who LOVED going trick or treating last year in the US finds out that they just don't do that here in India? You throw a Halloween party of course! But let it be said that it's tough to find Halloween things here in Delhi to set the mood. Unless you fancy spending an arm and a leg on some decorations that have been imported and cost only a few bucks back home. So, I am trying to make as many things myself as possible.  So far I've found some stiff felt and have made a few simple circle garlands. I've also found a few free online printable and gotten a little creative with a simple black and white polka dot bunting and some printed out 'halloween' pictures. Let's hope it all comes together.

I also got a little messy with my daughter and we made a pinata. I think he turned out pretty cute!

Now to start cleaning the house and get some ideas going for party food.

Do you have any fun Halloween plans? 

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