Wednesday, September 19, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday.

Here is my work in progress for the week. (and probably several weeks down the line.) I've just started a new project. It's the Avalon Cabled Cardigan by Heather Cabanas.   A very cute asymmetrical cardigan with a lovely cabled collar.  I'm not sure how in love I am with the asymmetrical part though.. might make it symmetrical, but I love the Celtic looking cables. I've never done a 'large' sweater with cables before and I am a slow knitter so we'll see how long it will take. 

I've done about 9 repeats of the cable pattern so far. (more than what is show in the pic) I'm loving the hunter green color but then I love most every shade of green. I've named this project Anaiah of Green Cables just for fun. :)  I'm using some yarn I bought because it was on clearance. Lustrous Lamb from Jo-Ann fabrics. It's 80% acrylic 20%wool and has a slight sheen to it. I hope it's a good match with this pattern. 


Another work in progress is the tiny garden Anaiah and I are growing. I by no means have a green thumb, in fact I'm not really fond of gardening but I keep having this feeling like being able to grow some of my own food is a skill I should have and something that Anaiah can learn a lot from too. While we were in the US we picked up some fun seeds. They had Veggietales' characters on them and so appealed to Anaiah right away.  

So we've planted a few seeds. The cucumbers I'm most excited about but we've also planted some Zinnias, some Bachelor buttons and a few red bell pepper seed from a bell pepper we bought at the store.  I had bough a little kit in the US that worked great for germinating the seeds. 

Our cucumbers!  It's been a challenge for me to get decent soil. When I asked for good soil at the nursery they handed me a bag and upon arriving home I found it was all clay soil. I finally did get some compost that was mixed with the clay soil. Hopefully the plants will not mind it too much. I worry that I will over water them. Any tips? 

Anaiah inspecting the growth. 

Hope you are having a great week!

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