Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yarn shopping in Minnesota.

I told myself (and a group on Ravelry) that my goal  for 2012 was to knit from stash and that I was not going to buy any more yarn till I had used up some of my stash. 
EPIC FAIL!!  I was doing great till I went back to Minnesota this summer. If you've ever been to MN and love knitting you'd know that they are blessed with many cute little local yarn shops. Shops where you can find all kinds of pretty yarns that you'd never find in India.  So I threw my resolution out the window and decided to visit as many of these shops as possible! 

I visited: 
The Yarnery  and Borealis in St.Paul
Knit'N from the Heart in Woodbury
Needlework Unlimited, Linden Hills Yarn, (and one other one who's name escapes me) in Minneapolis
and Darn Knit Anyway in Stillwater

Had there been more time and space in my luggage I would have visited more and bought even more yarn! 
 Borealis Yarn in St.Paul. If I lived here this would probably be my LYS. I loved it, went there a few times. 
sock yarns at Borealis

Darn Knit Anyway in Stillwater. 
I did try to keep luggage space in mind when I shopped, so no sweater quantities of one yarn. My mom went with me to some of these shops and  bought me some lovely yarns also. Thank you mom. She does not knit but she has always been a creative person and so she loves enabling me. 

It was so refreshing to find yarn that was not 100% acrylic or 100% wool. I bought new yarns with fibers in them that I have never worked with before like Alpaca and Merino. I also bought some cotton blends for summer knits.  I broke my yarn resolution for this year but I don't regret it at all! 

I also got the meet some of the Twin Cities Ravelers! It was so much fun to meet them for the 2012 Ravellenic Games. I hope that I can stay in touch with these lovely ladies (and gentlemen) through Ravelry. I had a wonderful time talking to them about our common love for yarn.  Huge thanks also to Debbie for the nice yarn she passed on to me! 

Hopefully next year I will be able to keep to a yarn diet! (or not - we'll see)

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