Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The cold front.

It's officially feeling more like winter in Delhi. The stores are starting to sell 'woollens' and I've spotted a few people wearing sweaters at night. It's about time! One thing I miss a lot while living here is the changing of seasons. I feel like the one season follows the next in an almost instant relay. I miss the slow changing of leaves and the crisp fall air that leads into the snow filled winters in MN. I love autumn and sadly have not had the pleasure of experiencing one for quite some time. Where are all those lovely fall colors? SO to make me feel a little better I've started working on a fall themed wall hanging/table runner. Not sure yet which it will be as I am letting it form as I go. Here is what have so far:

 I also made some slippers/booties for Anaiah this week. They are a different style to the ones I usually make for her but they are comfy. There is a great tutorial for them here in case you want to make some for your kiddo (or yourself). I, however just winged it as it's a fairly simple pattern. Anaiah is in a phase lately where she does not like to wear anything on her feet. Everything gets taken off including socks so I don't have a modelled shot.  These are made from some old jeans of mine, some red fleece scraps and non-slip material on the soles.

Are you doing anything special to decorate for the season?


  1. Lovely booties! the table runner looks good so far.

  2. The booties are cool!!! Love the colours of the runner.

  3. Love those slippers!! Must figure out whose jeans I can cut up...


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