Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks.

It's Thanksgiving once again! The day we stop and pause to think about and give thanks for all the blessing God has given us. I love this day; not just the wonderful meal that comes with it.. although it is loved too.. but really counting my blessings. Naming them one by one. In all honesty it's been a really hard few weeks in our home. I have felt overwhelmed, under appreciated and lonely often. Anaiah, who I love dearly, has tested my boundaries more and more each day. Sleep has not been coming easily and my to-do list seems to be constantly interrupted by things beyond my control like power cuts and appliance break downs.  I need Thanksgiving this year. I need to stop and remember all the good things I have been given because I know they will far outnumber the difficulties. I know that God is good and that He delights is giving us good things. So here is a start to my list of things I am thankful for this year..

I am thankful for:
my daughter's good health and happy smile.
my husband's job that allows me to stay home with my girl.
my friends even if they are few and far away they are always near to my heart.
that I am almost finished making my Christmas gifts.
that the pants I made for Anaiah last night fit her!
for the time we got to spend as a family last Sunday.
my tiny toaster oven that is baking rolls for dinner tonight as I write this.
that my SIL was able to catch the earlier flight back from her meeting in Hyderabad today so that she will be home for dinner.
The list goes on...

What are you Thankful for today?

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