Friday, November 18, 2011

Finished this week!

I've been so busy these last few days finishing knitting projects and sewing projects and starting a few new ones.  I think I've nearly finished all the Christmas gifts that I will be sending back to MN this year.  I don't think I have ever been so ambitious when it comes to making gifts before. Everyone is getting a hat or a scarf or two. I hope they all like/appreciate them!  Today I found the perfect gift box for Lief, the pale green skinny scarf I made for my mother.  She is so lief! I really know she is going to love it!

I've also finished the fall table runner in time for Thanksgiving on Thursday! 

And last night I stayed up late sewing up this little bag. It's for my secret swap partner. I really hope she likes it. The pattern is called the Buttercup bag - by Made by Rae. It's an adorable little bag and I think I'll have to sew up a few more including one for myself really soon. The project in the bag is a new one I've started this week.

Finished things this week. It was a great week!


  1. Goodness, you've been busy! Congratulations on all the progress. And what a lucky swap partner -- the bag is beautiful!

  2. Yay to all your progress! It is excited to see that someone is almost finished with their holiday crafting (although I wish that someone was me!).

  3. You've had a very productive week ! Well done :-) Your things are beautiful :-)


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