Friday, January 27, 2012

He had more!

I had posted last week about my shopping trip to get cake decorating goodies, well I decided on a whim to go see if maybe I couldn't get lucky again and find some fondant cutters at INA market.  My sister in law was home for the day so I asked her if she didn't want to go out and check out INA, thankfully she was up for it.  To my great delight fondant cutters were back on the shelves in a few shops.  I bought almost all of the different ones that were available. I mean who knows if we will be so lucky again and the prices were right! I think I paid about 3-4 dollars for each set. (150-180 rupees)

I think I have enough now to start a small cake decorating business. :) Anyone need some adorable cupcakes with pretty flowers on them?? :) I'm really looking forward to making some gumpaste and using my cutters! Now off to find some yummy cake recipes! 

I'm still trying to find some fondant tools and a few special cookie cutters but I was so happy on the way home from the market! 

Oh, I also baked a 'normal' cake on Monday because my little lady kept talking about cake.. It's a pretty basic yellow cake baked in a bundt pan, with dark chocolate butter-cream frosting and lots of sprinkles for the little one. 

Do you have any yummy cake recipes to share? I'm especially looking for good egg-less ones as I am not use to making egg-less cakes but with so many people in India who do not eat eggs I would love to learn some good yummy egg-less cake recipes. 

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