Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lilac Blossom Shrug.

It's finished! I love a fast knit, don't you! 

I'm really happy with it! Anaiah looks adorable in it and I feel inspired to go out and find some matching fabric to make her a dress! Or maybe just look for one in a store, but then again what would be the fun in that!  ;) The weather here is still a little cold for such a short shrug but by the time March rolls around it will be warm again and I think this little shrug will still fit! So maybe a cute matching birthday dress is in order.  

I still have some of the yarn left over and am trying to decide what to do with it. I have about 2.4balls left. (about 130 grams or so) Any suggestions? 

I've also started a new project. A navy colored corduroy dress. The pattern is from a great magazine I received in a swap on Ravelry. Burda kids. There are so many cute patterns in there that I'd like to try. Need to brush up on my German a bit to read it though. More on this project another day. 

Did you finish a project this week? 


  1. Both the FO and the model are adorable!

  2. Your daughter is so cute!! I remember when mine were that young! The shrug looks beautiful on her-great job!

  3. That is a super cute sweater! I'm working on some (crochet) shrugs for my daughters to wear with dresses to my brother's wedding and I hope they come out half as cute!

  4. That little shrug is just lovely. You are a very fine knitter.

  5. That is adorable and she seems to love it. What a cutie.

  6. Oh! Anaiah looks adorable on the shrug.. The color suits her so well. I finished an embroidered sampler this week..


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