Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Work in progress.

After a few frustrations with another pattern, I decided to cast on this, Flower Girls' Knitted Bolero - Snowdrops,  an adorable little shrug/bolero. I have loved the look of this little shrug ever since I saw it and was gifted this pattern so I am so happy to be trying it!  It's not very practical for the climate right now but wait a month or so and it will be spring here.  I'm hoping it will fit my little munchkin then. I'm making in the size 3-4 but didn't have a size 4mm circular needle to make this on and though the pattern says that you can use a straight needles, it also expects you to pick up stitches all around and work in the round, so I am using a 3.75 mm circular instead. I hope that the pattern indeed runs a little big like others have mentioned in their project notes.  Other than the needle thing it's a very nicely written pattern and is moving along fast! So much so that I am nearly onto the ruffle edging! A fast project always makes me happy! :)  

The yarn I am using is Wendy (India) Knit Shine. It's a light DK weight acrylic wool blend with a lovely sheen to it. I still had a little left from the Saroyan I made for my brother's girlfriend Lindsey for Christmas.  It's a french Lilac color. The yardage this yarn gives is excellent so I think I'll have enough to make another one if I want to. (or need to if it does not fit)

What are you working on? This post is linked to other wonderful knitters' works in progress: here!


  1. What a beautiful bolero - I just checked it out on ravelry, very pretty. And its going to look even better in your french lilac colour.

  2. What an adorable pattern and the colour you're working with is absolutely gorgeous!


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