Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First and a Monster.

Today I sent my daughter to playschool for the first time.  It was scary.. for me that is. She did just great. We felt she needed some more interaction with other children and she just was not getting that at home. I am hoping and praying that we have chosen the right school to send her to. I hope she fits in there. I hope she learns to be a good  friend, to listen to her teachers and how to interact with other kids. I hope she enjoys it. She seemed a bit overwhelmed and hyper when the school day was over. Jumping up and down and wanting to see everything but at the same time asking mommy for cuddles a lot while on the way home. So many new things I guess. She is taking a nice nap right now. 

She was not ready to stand still and pose for nice first day of school pictures.. maybe I'll shoot some this afternoon at home.

Last night as I was getting her bag ready for school I thought that the lunch box she had picked out was really boring.. I let Anaiah pick it out herself. I think she liked the cartoon that was on the packaging because the little lunch box itself it very plain. It was also probably the cheapest one.. maybe she knew mama would jazz it up a bit??  

Here is the before: - Boring red and blue snack/lunch box

I had some fun fat quarters from the US and some from her uncle Erick in Japan. (He knows what to send to made me happy!)  Mixed them with some bright solids and a little felt and I got this:  - A much cuter little lunch cozy.

Then you open it up and.. 
A monster ate my lunch! 
I hope it brings a smile to her face at snack time! 

I thought about writing a tutorial.. but I don't know if that is really needed. Let me know if you want one! 

Were you nervous the first day your little one went to school?


  1. What a fun lunch bag! I'm sure Anaiah is the envy of the other kids at her school for her monster lunch bag!

    and, yea.. I was very nervous about Alvin's first day at school.. more so because, he was crying all the while. The school closes the door of the class room but, we could hear his crying inside. We helplessly stood at the door for about an hour.. but, I think my husband felt worse than me. ;-)

  2. Oh wow Kristianna! You sooo should write a tutorial! I ( a non-sewer - sorry, pun unintended ;) ) would totally make one for my lil one!

  3. First day of school is always bad for the mother and occasionally for the kiddo. I am glad Anaiah was fine and hope she likes her new school. Cute bag, you are so creative!


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