Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Ok, so I know it's a day late but I just didn't have the chance to post yesterday. I was too busy enjoying time with my little lady and decorating cakes! 

My husband was gone on a business trip so it was just Anaiah and I most of the day. I went to her school early so that we could pass out Valentines to her class mates. I have made little heart shaped cards with lollipops attached to them. Before going home Anaiah passed out roses to all of the teachers. She kept saying "Happy Birthday" instead of "Happy Valentine's Day" which I thought was kinda cute really. I think her teachers really appreciated the flowers and special attention.

After school I took Anaiah to her favorite playground at the mall and then we shared a cheese pizza. It was our little Valentine's mommy-daughter date and I could not have asked for a nicer time. 

While she took a nap I finished up a cake for my sister in law and I to enjoy in the evening. I had hoped to make a vegetarian rolled fondant but after reading the recipe again I found that it needed to rest 8 hours before rolling out and I just didn't have the time so I made a raspberry buttercream frosting instead.   

I had already finished Anaiah's special dolly cake the night before. It's my first doll cake and the scale of the dolly made some of it kinda tricky. I just used a tiny barbie mermaid doll that we got from a happy meal at one point because that was the only dolly we had in the house. It's covered in a thin layer of vanilla buttercream  and then in marshmellow fondant.  

I used some of the cutter I bought at INA plus some that grandma sent. My favorite bit is the edible glitter on the ruffles. It looks awesome! 

happy girl! 

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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