Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another use for DPNs!

I was cleaning up my crafting space a bit last night when some alligator clips caught my eye.  I decided it would be fun to make some bows for my daughter's hair. I had seen some in the mall the other day that I liked, being sold for about  6 USD a pair! That seems crazy expensive to me. I don't know who is able to afford to buy such hair clips for their child, and even if I could I find it hard to justify spending nearly twice the amount a day labourer might make in India working all day on a pair of silly hair clips!

I've been wanted to make korkers, you know those fun little pipe curls made out of ribbons, to add to my bows. Directions I find all over the web say that you need wooden dowels and wooden clothes pins.. things I have not seen in Delhi. (I'm sure you could find them somewhere if you made it your personal mission to find them, I just have not. ) However, I had a light bulb moment and grabbed a set of DPNs ( that's double pointed needles to those of you who do not knit.) and some metal binder clips I had in my stash, and I was all set to make my own little curly ribbons.

In case you don't know they are super simple to make, just attach the ribbon to one end of the DPN and wrap around tightly till you reach the end and fasten with another clip. 'Bake' in the oven (about 135 degrees Celsius) for about 25 min. Cool them, remove from needle and enjoy the curly goodness! I found that the grosgrain ribbon worked the best. The satin ribbons had mixed results, the better quality ones did better. (the navy blue was really cheap)

Here is what I made: total cost for these was less than a dollar!


  1. Aw Kristianna, i love these! you are right, they sell accessories and kids stuff--pretty much everything-- really expensive here. Lucky Anaiah!

  2. Lovely work, Kristianna! I love your stash and the surprises you make for lil Anaiah!

  3. These are really cute!! Great idea.


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