Sunday, October 14, 2012

My sewing machine has been buzzing!

It's done!  The costume is finished.  Let me just say making it was a pain at times, all those layers of slippery fabric and satin. I had to change my sewing machine needle twice because of that black dotted fabric. But it was all worth it to see her buzzing about this afternoon.  Can't wait till Halloween!

 It's was not a difficult dress to make other than dealing with the slipperiness of all those fabrics.  It's a half circle bubble dress made of satin with a cotton lining underneath a synthetic sheer fabric with the tulle/dots sewn on in stripes. The wings are the same material as the outer layer of the dress with a little trim around the edges. The bodice is 2 layers of cotton broadcloth with a layer of the tulle/dots on top.  Mask is made of felt. 


  1. Aw...Anaiah looks so cute!

    oh- By the way, just so you know I joined up as a 'follower' on your blog and added your blog to my reading list :)

    Medha from Rav.


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