Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The start of something wonderful! (hopefully)

Pineapple! Oh, how I love thee! I get so excited when I start seeing more pineapples around. I love them. They have that citrus flavor mixed with juicy sweetness that I just cannot get enough of. Personally I think they taste best fresh. Made even sweeter if they come with strawberries on the side. However,  I have learned the hard way that in India the season comes and goes sometimes very fast so I want to make use of it while I can. 

I didn't really have a recipe for pineapple jam and the recipes I did find were for people who have loads of them and I just had one. So I kinda made up a recipe, added some pectin and sugar and then there was jam. Next time I'll cut out a bit of the sugar though, because it turned out really sweet.  Thankfully this little jam jar was small enough that it could be processed in a large pot because I'm still trying to get my hands on a bigger stock pot to use as a water bath canner. Hopefully this little jar represents the start of a great season of pineapple and Canning! 

Oh, and if anyone knows where to get canning jars in India I'd love to know! 

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  1. Hi Kristianna ! I am your new follower; reached your blog from the invitation you you posted for me on Ravelry.

    I have started blogging in Sept this year and still trying to learn the nuances of blogging world:)

    Nice to meet you, do visit my blog sometime.

    I saw the doll cake, I too had made a similar one for my daughter couple of years back, but mine was not as beautiful as yours :)

    I don't have any idea about canning jars, but we generally keep in airtight glass containers. Those will be available anywhere in the malls in cutlery section, or even in local Market.

    For yarns, you can add Pradhan embroidery stores in Facebook and check their album for crochet cotton. I have ordered Anchor crochet cotton from them for the first time, yet to receive it! I saw in your Ravelry profile that you are looking for yarn varieties in India, so thought of suggesting.

    Let me know if you need any info. Good luck!


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