Sunday, August 7, 2011

Growing up.

Well my little girl is officially sleeping in a toddler bed.  I had been holding off on converting her crib to a toddler bed for a long time. I guess I just was not ready to let go. However despite the extra high sides she learned to climb out of the crib herself this week and that was dangerous, so I took the crib side off and put the toddler side on.  When she first saw her 'new bed' she said, "mommy, it's broken" but now she seems to enjoy it. I am THANKFUL that she went to sleep just fine in it right away and didn't  go explore in the room. I was worried that changing  to a toddler bed would mean nights of sitting beside her crib listening to her cry/whine about not getting to go play but those night have not come! YAY! So far she has just gone right to sleep in her new bed.

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