Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Wednesday work in progress.

I started a crochet project this week. Mainly because the light in the room where I sew is out and that means it's kinda dim in there even during the day. I hate working in dim lighting conditions so I've picked up some yarn and a hook and am making a shawl. Hopefully I'll get the light fixed soon.

The shawl I am making is called the Small Talk Shawl by Cheri Evans  -  Ravelry.  I'm using some light 4 ply acrylic yarn in a plum/eggplant color.  I think this might end up being a Christmas present for my mom.  I'm not a fast crocheter so this already represents many hours! I probably should have made is pattern in green but they didn't have any green shade I liked at the store when I bought the yarn so plum color is what it's going to be.

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