Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Here I sit once again. Feeling those pangs of regret once again.  It happens almost everyday around this time.  That sinking feeling, knowing that you should not be doing what you are in fact doing.  Wondering why I do not learn from it and stop repeating the same patterns over and over.  It's not like I like how I feel the next day.. So why don't I learn?  Everyday it's the same.  I guess could blame lots of different things but really it's all my fault.  Perhaps tomorrow can be different.  Maybe there is a ray of hope that I can change my ways.  Let's hope so.  Yes, tomorrow, I will go to bed before 1am!  Tomorrow I will not stay up so late that getting up in the morning is nearly impossible.  Tomorrow I will go to sleep before I am tired!

Goodnight everybody! It's 1.30am.. are you in bed yet?

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