Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Independence Day India.

Today, August 15th India celebrates their 64th Independence.  I asked about how they celebrate but from the responses I got I didn't feel like there is a collective way of celebrating. Not like how in the USA almost everyone watches fireworks at night and eats a meal outside enjoying a nice burger or hot dog.  There were plenty of children running around with paper kites today and almost all of the little markets were closed.  I wish I had taken a few shots of the colorful kites. I was amazed at the skill it seemed to take to get them into the air. Too bad that there was not more wind today for all the kite enthusiasts! 

I celebrated by making Indian flag cupcakes. Anaiah celebrated by eating the cupcakes and by wearing some cute Indian clothes that her aunt Anu gave her. She looked really cute! If you are Indian, how did you celebrate?

Happy Independence Day to all the people of India!

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  1. Hi!!!
    Did a small sit-in with the 'I am Anna' group.


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