Thursday, October 13, 2011

KCWC - Day Four

Do you ever wake up in the middle on the night with an idea for a sewing project? Or do you have trouble falling asleep sometimes because the ideas keep flowing and do not allow you to rest? I do. Some days I wish there were more quiet hours in the day and more energy to go with them so that I could sew up all the ideas in my head.  Oh, and less power cuts would help too!

After a lot more than the 1 daily hour that is suppose to be given to sewing during this Kid's Clothing Week Challenge, I made this:

 I LOVE it!  I'm calling it the Leafy Vine Top.

 I only had about half a yard of this corduroy. I had been intending to make a skirt or pair of pants from this fabric but then the ideas started coming as I tried to sleep last night. It took more than an hour to draft this pattern up so that I could make it with the limited fabric I had. I used nearly every last scrap! If I had had more fabric the sleeve bottoms would have been puffier! But I'm just happy I got full sleeves out of it in the first place! It took several re-drafts, some edits and VERY careful pattern tracing but I did it! :)  I used fabric from my stash for the facings. (Fabric my mom had sent me when Anaiah was born to match her Winnie the Pooh mobile. I was suppose to make a cover for the mobile stand. Glad I didn't get around to it.) I also used 4 buttons I had bought on a whim from the bottom of a jar of odd buttons in a little shop. Yes, 2 have a brown centers and 2 have green, but I say it works! I love buttons! Finding the perfect buttons from the oddballs in your button jar = being in button heaven! They also only cost me about 20 cents bringing the grand total cost for this top to about $2.50. Happy.

The Oreo is a bribe! It's the only way I was able to get these shots! 

Here are some modeled shots of the fall for flowers dress. The bunny helped me out this time!

Isn't she cute!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Adorable! Love the buttons! What a fun style!

    I stumbled this!

  2. This is a gorgeous top! Well done!

  3. I just LOVE this top!! The button detail is so well done!


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