Wednesday, October 12, 2011

KCWC - Day Two

I was hoping to have lots of great things to show you today but it just didn't materialize. There were several long power cuts here which left me unable to use my sewing machine very much today. I did work on things for the requisite hour for the challenge, actually I think I spent about 2-3 hours between drawing up my idea, selecting the fabric, drafting the pattern pieces, and cutting them out. So hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow.

Here is a sneak peek of the fabric:

I also spent some time today at the mall. I had to go and return some imported Goldfish crackers I had bought because Anaiah was so excited about the 'fishies' when she saw them in the store. I get excited when she actually wants to eat something! It's been a struggle to get food into her for months. So after paying WAY too much for crackers and getting home she was begging for them. I opened the package only to be greeted by a weird smell, so I tasted one.. BIG MISTAKE. I never could have imagined how bad, bad crackers could taste! After checking the packaging over and over I still don't know why they were so bad. They are not suppose to "expire" till next year. I had even checked that prior to buying them in the store. Thankfully, 1. Anaiah didn't have to experience the 'joy' of these goldfish crackers because it might have made her food aversion worse. 2. The guys at the store, though they took FOREVER, refunded my money without giving me any problems. I did however dare one of them to try one. He declined to do so.

Going to the mall is something Anaiah really loves because they have a playground there. That may not seem so special to many of you but here in Delhi having a nice playground to go to is rare. There are not many safe and nice playground and this one even has a free ball pit. She really loves it. Even if we are on the other end of the mall she knows the way to the playground. The only trick is getting her to come out when it's time to go.

Hope you are enjoying your day like a kid at a playground!

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