Sunday, October 30, 2011

Muddy Waters

I love love love finishing projects! Don't you? It's a wonderful feeling when you bind off that last stitch. This scarf/shawlette was my 'on the go' project this month. Great for picking up whenever, crocheting a few stitches, getting interrupted by a toddler, and picking back up again without losing track of what you were doing! It's a lovely simple pattern called "Sweet Eleanor Scarf" by Quince Tart.  I like how it turned out and have called it muddy waters because the Yaguchi yarn I used has lovely blue and brown plies and they reminded me of a pond.. in a good way.

Anaiah loved twirling about and having me catch her up in this scarf. I did however have to hold her arm to get her to stop spinning long enough to snap a picture. She's such a silly sweet little girl and she is growing up way to fast.

Hope everyone who celebrated Diwali this week had a great time and enjoyed all the lights!

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