Wednesday, October 12, 2011

KCWC - Day Three

Yay! Another finished dress. My model was getting her beauty sleep while I took these pictures so you'll have to wait for action shots.  I discovered that I do not actually enjoy making bias tape seams... it got a little fiddly and slowed me down in some places. This dress I am calling the "Fall for flowers dress". 

We are once again having massive power cuts.. I guess it's time to start drafting a few patterns for later then. I am praying that whatever is going on with the power supply to Delhi gets sorted out soon. It's no fun to sit in the dark! In case you are wondering how I am able to type this during a power cut - well, we do have an inverter that the computer is hooked up to for some reason. No TVs, no radio, no power in the kitchen but hey I can still surf the web! (provided the power cut does not last for hours and hours.)

May your power never go out and your sewing machine always run smoothly!
Happy Wednesday!

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