Tuesday, April 24, 2012

KCWC- Day 2.

This morning Anaiah woke up not feeling so good so my sewing has taken a backseat for now.  I did get a little tunic made while she was taking her nap and she woke up looking a lot better this afternoon so I think tomorrow she can go to school again.  

I made the top on a whim with a scrap of this batik fabric left from a sundress I made for her last year. YAY for using up scraps! She still fits this dress which makes me so happy because I love those bright colors on her! 

Here is today's little tunic. It's simple, shirred, with wide straps that cross in the back.  I love the way shirring looks. If you've never tried it you don't know what you are missing! I  can really see how much she has grown! Slow down little lady, I want to enjoy you as a toddler a little longer!

She loves to share her gems with Charlie!

I've started on a dress today too and hopefully I'll get some time to work on it later tonight after Anaiah has gone to bed.  

What are you working on for KCWC? Or are you sewing for yourself this week? 

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