Sunday, April 29, 2012

KCWC - Day 6

I got to sleep in today! Sleep is amazing and I think it's what my body needed because I feel so much better now. I got up really late, so late that it was time for Anaiah's nap! Both she and my hubby took a nap so the house was nice and quiet and I could get a hour or two of sewing in. 
Spring Flowers
I had cut out the pieces the night before and made the piping that I used around the neckline and armholes etc.  So this afternoon it was just a matter of sewing it all together. I also made the little fabric flower today to finish it off because it seemed to need a little extra something.  I love the fabric. It's been sitting in my stash for over a year now. Intended to sew it into an Easter dress for Anaiah last year but never got around to it. Had even made a little shrug to match.. oh well. I think it might still fit if I can find it.. I'm usually a sucker for border type prints and at the cost of about $2.25 a meter this dress was cheap! :) I had bought about a meter and used just over half of it. The border is printed on both sides so I probably would even be able to make a second dress for a younger little lady.. talk about a good deal on fabric! I used a little left over plain cotton to line the bodice and for leftover blue cotton for the piping and edging. So the total cost of this dress is probably around $1.75 when you include the 3 buttons and the piping cord.  This is part of why I sew. I get to be creative and save money all at the same time! It's a blessing! 

For those who have been wondering, this is what my pattern looks like:

This is a short bodice block that fits my daughter just right. ( right now.)  I modify it to make other patterns or sometime just use it as it is like I did in today's dress.  Sorry that my picture is not better but on the pattern block I wrote the date that I 'modified' it on. (modified from the last pattern block), the size as in 6" short bodice and that the center front should be folded. I've added the seam allowance that I like to use around the edge. I've cut this pattern piece out of an old cardboard piece that came in one of my hubby shirts. I often use cereal box cardboard too. When I am using this to make the back I just modify it right on the fabric I am cutting for the back. (raising the back a little if needed - button placket - zip allowances  etc..) For yesterday's fishy top I used some newspaper (because it's plentiful here) and this pattern block to draft that simple a-line tunic.  I probably could have gone straight to the fabric for that top but I wanted it to be one piece so I had to draft the front and sides and then place them as one piece on the fabric to get it how I wanted it to be. 

I am still learning about pattern making and hopefully getting better at it slowly. You  also cannot buy patterns here in India, at least as far as I know. I tend to be a fly by the seat of your pants type of seamstress so moving into a more technical - thought out way of sewing is a slow transition. :) I hope to someday be able to write patterns that other people can actually use too, but I think that will be a while still! 


  1. This dress is absolutely adorable Kristianna...the fabric looks sooo pleasing and the piping looks great, not to forget the lovely blue fabric flower.

    As for buying patterns, I have bought some printable patterns online from Do check that out if you get time. But I dont think you'll ever need other peoples' patterns, I'm sure you'll be publishing your own patterns soon !

  2. Beautiful dress. Thanks for sharing the pic of your pattern. I too have one like that, on paper, but still needs to be modified. Good to know how others do the same work you do. Lots of ideas pour in.

  3. Such a beautiful dress you have made! and she looks so cute !!


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