Monday, April 30, 2012

KCWC - Day 7

I'm afraid that I didn't get anything finished on Sunday so I don't have anything to show for the last day of KCWC. I'm totally ok with that. I'm happy with what I managed to get done. There is still a long list of things I'd like to make for this summer for Anaiah but they can wait a little because I need to do some sewing for myself! I love to wear skirts in the summer and really need a few more so those at at the top of my list now.  Hopefully the un-finished things will get done shortly too.  

Here is what did get finished this week.  I feel so honored too that my fishy top was featured on Elsie Marley blog post. It was a great week of sewing. Thankfully other than a buttonhole issue the actual sewing went smoothly. I am coming away from this week feeling inspired by all the other moms (and maybe dads) who made beautiful things. 

I am very impressed by all the wonderful and creative kids clothes that were made with week by all the participants.  Just check out the Flickr pool!  There are hundreds of beautiful garments. Every time I scroll through them I find new 'favorites'!  Here are just some of the ones I loved most in random order:

Me Sew Crazy
Farr Better Life
A Rhythm of Joy
Darci Bee
Daily Design Delivery
Maze & Vale
Sew Country Chick
Aren't they just gorgeous?!  

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